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To Future MCG Employees

We are looking to grow our company with exceptional people that will bring ideas and strategies that make our business better. Come work with us in our "workshop" where everyone's voice is heard and careers are made.

Mortgage Consultants are encouraged to pay special attention to database management systems. A "customer for life" mentality means doing the right thing for your client, and then continuing to work after the transaction is complete. The ever changing mortgage world requires a "mortgage manager" to keep in touch with and improve past clients mortgage situation whenever necessary. We have developed tools and systems to help LO's maintain quality databases. As a member of the sales team at MCG, we will continually work together to best develop and maintain relationships with lead sources and past clients.

Transaction Coordinators, Assistants, and Processors will be required to maintain relationships with underwriters, wholesalers, and mortgage insurance providers. Sales people have a different mentality than inside staff, but both types of brains need the other. The mortgage world is a unique situation where high emotion meets unyielding guidelines and checkpoints. Underwriters are looking to protect the bank's interest, and sales people are looking to close deals for their clients and lead sources. Our inside staff act as the buffer and keep our sales staff focused on servicing their clients. We are looking for extremely organized people that can handle high stress situations.

Compensation is based on each individual's needs. We are interested in helping you make your business fit your life and all that it requires. Join Us!